Like most people, my money is in the stock market. It goes up and it goes down. It has something to do with people’s attitude. I want everyone to feel confident so my money can become more confident.

I think Barry Steroids owes it to society to reveal the secret of how as we grow older, we become physically stronger.

In my youth the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was a great crusading newspaper. Today, its front page story dealt with finding the gene for itching.

I refuse turning on the air conditioning in my sweltering St. Louis apartment. If God had meant us to be cool, he would have made the weather cool. Or is it, I am just a Depression era cheap skate.

I hope before my death to see a picture of Fidel Castro that does not depict him swaggering around in his uniform. Why do old men revel in physical activities of their youth?

Do you wonder if we are headed to a real impeachment process as the ineptness of the attorney general becomes increasingly clear?

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer assumed office promising to be a tough guy who goes after evil-doers. So far, his macho man approach to digging up dirt on his Republican opponent, State Senator Joseph Bruno, proves tough guys may finish last.

I sometimes wonder if we made a mistake in invading Iraq rather than Saudi Arabia. Saudi religious leaders are the ones funding madrassa schools all over the world which educate youth to hate America and join terrorist gangs. Oops, I forgot, the Bush family has oil connections with these terrorist connections.

The song, “The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain,” will have to be changed to “The Rain in England falls nonstop all over the land.” OK, so there is no evidence of global warming, tell that to the British people.

Darfur has disappeared from the news this summer. People suffer, people die, and we go on vacations.