A Week Without A Hilton Story!

Every time Fred Thompson speaks in his authoritative all-knowing voice, I’m so glad he was not my father. As president, he would issue commands, not solicit advice.

There should be a news blackout the day Bobby Bonds hits more home runs than Hank Aaron. After all, he won’t be breaking the record but he sure as heck will be crossing a few ethical lines.

Does one get the impression John McCain is slowing sinking into political oblivion in his presidential bid? A year from now he will be furious with himself for pandering to the right in a hopeless attempt at getting the nomination.

The difference in driving around St. Louis from driving on Long Island is that one can drive without encountering heavy traffic at 3:30 p.m.

Just think, a week without a story about Paris Hilton! And, some people claim there is no God in heaven!

The death count hit 3540. Exactly in which direction is this famous surge heading?

I guess Oceans 18 will entail robbing Fort Knox.

A story is circulating that Tony Blair might be sent to the Middle East to lead a negotiation process. Frankly, it’s a job for Nelson Mandela, at least, he has credibility.

Do you get the feeling after President Putin leaves office, he will be manipulating things behind the screen?

There is a politician on the island of Malta who heads a group named Imperium Europae. First Malta, then the world. Talk about feelings of grandeur!

I feel so secure with Democrats in control of Congress. I know someone is there to guarantee my constitutional rights will not be abridged. I just never had that feeling over the past few years.

I am the ultimate movie fan, but, somehow, I have not got turned on by the pirate films with Brad Pitt. They leave me bored.

Barack Obama should cease trying to be cute and focus on specific ideas that he wishes to discuss in a scholarly manner. He is coming across as a guy who plays to the young adult audience. He has charisma, but still lacks the sense of “authority” we associate with people having knowledge.

I read Rudy G.’s list of what he will do if elected. He wants to give a $15,000 tax credit so people can purchase health insurance. Rudy G., the problem is that 45 million people are too poor to get health insurance. Honest, Rudy G., they don’t have a spare $15,000 to buy health insurance.