Barry Bonds and Phil Rizutto

Yesterday, a nice man and outstanding baseball player named Phil Rizutto died at the age of 89. He played shortstop for the New York Yankees and participated in many World Series victories. I was thinking about Phil, who after completing his playing career, made a new career for himself as a radio and TV broadcaster. Phil was a man of slight build who kept that appearance throughout his life.

On the other hand, Barry Bonds began his career weighing about 175 pounds and was of slight built. Today, he is about 230 pounds and has huge muscles. Phil loved baseball and had high standards of excellence. He could never cheat or do anything dishonest, he had too much respect for himself and the game he loved. I don’t know Barry Bonds, but something in me believes he has not completely played by the rules in his career. I have often thought if he was a decent person he would reveal the secret of how as one grows older, one becomes stronger. Those of us in our seventies would certainly appreciate the information.

Phil died as a respected man. He never broke records, but his overall performance earned his a spot in the Hall of Fame. Barry Bonds certainly is breaking records, but one can only wonder if he will wind up in the Hall of Fame. Perhaps, his destiny is the Hall of Shame.