Can A Surge Go Up and Down?

At the beginning of the year, President Bush informed America all that was required to gain “victory” in Iraq was dispatch of an additional 30,000 troops. Of course, this is the same men who rejected the suggestion of Chief of Staff, General Shineski, in 2003 that an additional 200,000 troops were needed to not only defeat Saddam Hussein, but created conditions for peace.

We are six months into the “Surge” and the only thing surging is the number of dead Americans and Iraqis. The problem which our beloved president fails to acknowledge, is that he doesn’t have the faintest idea what this “victory” would look like, even if it actually happened. The only logical “surge” that would make any sense if bringing together political factions and having them agree on a political solution to the Iraq debacle. Bush continually will not accept the reality that no military “victory” is attainable in a people’s war against an outside industrail power.

The essential problem is that his surge makes chances for seeking a political resolution every so unlikely to occur. Every people’s war has ended in defeat for the industrial power and every such conflict ended with some type of political resolution. I hate to tell the president, but he must include Iran in any discussions if his famous “victory” is to be achieved. He doesn’t realize “victory” is creating conditions for peace which allows America to leave Iraq.