Did You Ever Get the Feeling You Wanted to Go, Stay, Go?

I have been watching Republican candidates debate as to which of them is best prepared to lead our nation once the current president departs in January, 2008. It is fascinating how these men (no women are in the crowd) insist Democrats are responsible for Iraq war failures because they will not support Bush. They also insist that somehow, some way, some where, they have a plan to end the war in Iraq without remaining in Iraq or leaving Iraq. Not a single one of these men is willing to have his political party assume any responsibility for what has transpired in Iraq over the past four years.

I believe the American people await specific ideas from any of these men as to exactly what they intend to do. John McCain insists we must stay the course, Mitt Romney wants to get the soldiers home without leaving Iraq and Rudy Giuliani’s solution is for America to trust him because he single-handledly defeated terrorism. The dynamic trio will shortly be joined by Fred Thompson, that is if his wife allows him out of her sight, and we can be assured he will intone in a deep baritone voice some profound pieces of wisdom. After all, he has been incredibly successful on Law and Order in capturing and convicting criminals.

The bottom lines is Republican candidates are trapped in a paradox of confusion. They know Americans want our fighting men and women home, but to abandon Bush’s policies opens the door for complaints Republicans have failed. There apparently is only one solution to this dilemma –blame Democrats like Hillary or Barack Obama for cutting and running or intone about the cost of haircuts by John Edwards. Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is a lonely orphan. Republican candidates need a parent, someone who can assume responsibility for their children’s failures.

I expect Republican candidates to insist we stay the course while leaving. Oh well, the English language has been abused in so many ways, why not try it once more.