Is Dick Cheney Still Alive?

I so enjoy summertime when children can run and play and do physical things rather than sitting passively in classrooms learning irrelevant trivia

Iraq legislators are leaving Baghdad in August because of the heat. How about Bush declaring August vacation time for our troops. Heck, Parisians take off August, why not Americans — especially those in Iraq.

Bush’s stubborness reminds me of my adolescent children’s temper tantrums when they were caught making a mistake.

I love the bonding occurring when a parent teaches a child how to swim. It requires trust on the part of all.

I received a nasty email from a Republican objecting to my email campaign for a new anti-Bush book I wrote. He claimed hating Bush made me un-American because I was attacking the president. As I recall people like him tore President Bill Clinton to pieces over a blow job. I guess they consider a blow job more damaging to America than fucking the American military.

Barry Bonds will not break Hank Aaron’s home run record. However, Barry Steroids will do it.

Rudy G.’s buddy Bernard Kerick is under indictment for about a dozen criminal violations. His two main southern supporters are charged with being immoral. Rudy has three wives. Come to think about it, if Rudy G. gets elected we might have a rebirth of the sixties hippie era.

What do Pope Benedict and President Putin of Russia have in common? Both believe going backwards will restore morality.

Frankly, I find Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears physically unattractive and sexless. My friend, Big Al, used to say about every Hollywood starlet, “I wouldn’t throw her out of my bed.” I doubt if Big Al would make that comment about these two dull women.

I was caught in a traffic jam in St. Louis and smiled. All I had to do was recall traffic jams on the Long Island Expressway.

Does anyone recall the last time Bush said he would capture Osama bin Laden dead or alive?

Congressional Democrats are making a big mistake focusing public attention entirely on Iraq. They have passed several excellent laws, boast about them. Get the idea clear this is a doing Congress.

Why is it incompetent drivers become furious if you try to get away from them?