Nobody Asked Me But,

Once a week, we explore the ordinary and extraordinary events that happened over the course of the past several days.

Did you ever notice how Mitt Romney resembles the little man atop a wedding cake?

I passed a sign at McDonalds saying twenty five cents for a chicken McNugget. You could give them away for nothing and I’d rather take my luck at the soup kitchen run by the Salvation Army.

I always smile coming across a person walking a dog when it’s five degrees outside. Me, no animals except humans.

I saw a sign saying “Hair Salon For Men.” Sorry, I’m from the Depression era, it is a barber shop and no women allowed.

If baseball players are bing indicted for lying about steroid use, when we will get around to Bush administration athletes who lied about Iraq and a few other topics?

Saddam Hussein told an FBI agent he wanted to come across as a defiant tough man and lied about the WMD. Unfortunately, for Saddam, he was dealing with a man who wanted to come across as a defiant tough man who lied about WMD.

Rudy Giuliani can wipe out crime bosses and end crime, but he just can’t seem to handle a hillbilly from Arkansas.

At 3:00 p.m. I drove by a gas station whose price was $2.69 for a gallon of regular gas. At 3:20 p.m. I drove by a gas station which listed a $2.87 price. At 4:00 p.m. every gas station was at $2.87. Isn’t it wonderful living in a society governed by free enterprise market driven prices.

I spent an hour on the phone trying to talk with a human at Verizon. I was trying to get an address so I could complain about a bill. I went to a Verizon store and spent a half hour before someone could locate an address of the central office. Now, you know why I’m switching from Verizon.

I love sipping a cup of coffee in the morning while observing a group of old geezeers like myself recalling old memories. They are so happy and animated.

There is nothng lonelier than a woman my age sitting alone sipping coffee in the early morning. Too many old women geezers, too few old male geezers.

If the war in Iraq ended tomorrow, exactly what would John McCain talk about? Does anyone have a clue regarding his economic program?

The mystery of my life is what do so many young people find attactive about a former doctor who has a 19th century mind in a 21st century body? There is a book to be written about the love affair between youth and Ron Paul– not by me.

In 1787, America had Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, James Monroe, Tom Jefferson and George Washington. In 2008, we have Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Ron Paul, John McCain, an Arkansas traveler named Huckabee and Clinton and Obama. Could someone please explain to me what exactly the Intelligent Designer was doing with offerng the current crop?

I intend to live at least another 30 years. I want to be alive when the New York Knickerbockers win another NBA championship.

There ought to be a law that anyone proposing sending more troops to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan must include one of their relatives in the group.

If I see clouds on a cold morning my mind assumes snow will be present by evening. I am usually wrong.

Anyone writing about the Israel Lobby’s control over US foreign policy should be compelled to read what Colin Powell said about his experiences at the State Department if they actually think someone can “influence” the mind of George Bush. He definitely is the Decider.

I find it intriguing people will often send me lists of Jewish names in the Bush administration to prove Jews run things. Funny, they never send me lists of Catholic names to prove the Pope is the real figure of authority behind Bush.

The basketball coach of St. Louis University, Rick Majerus, came out in support of abortion rights. This upset the St. Louis Catholic hierarchy. I wonder if they want Majerus to check with the Cardinal before calling a time out?

Is Dick Cheny still alive?

Whatever happened to Paris Hilton? Is she working shoveling garbage to get a real taste of what she shovels verbally?

These days people say, “have a good one.” In my youth, people said “please come back again.” Who made the change and why?

Please come back again.