Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, we survey the American scene making observations that are strictly personal and bear no relation to any hard evidence.

It snowed in St. Louis the other day and I went to mail a package. I only saw one person at the counter and asked where everyone was. He told me they couldn’t get to work due to the snow. Whatever happened to the postman who got the mail through despite, rain, snow, and other horrible conditions?

John mcCain is a decent man. His problem is being in an indecent political party. He thus winds up making indecent statements to please the indecent people.

If you are under the illusion people teaching in colleges are intelligent, then go to a college faculty meeting. The faculty will spend hours discussing the parking situation but not a minute discussing teaching and learning.

I continually get comments from people defending their right to own a weapon because they want to protect themselves against criminals. In the same breath they oppose laws that require a background check to determine if the purchaser has a criminal record. Is there a contradiction in holding these views?

There is something especially sensual in women’s hair blowing in a fierce wind.

Eventually robots will do the work in fast food outlets. Then, where will teenagers make some money?

Never ask a St. Louisian about the weather. It changes every two hours.

People constantly tell me Ron Paul has the solution to our economic problems by ending the income tax. OK, our federal budget is $3 TRILLION and the military, which he dislikes, absorbs about 20%. So, where will he get the other $2.4 TRILLION? Please don’t tell me by “savings” since every candidate in the 20th and 21st century has made that claim. Ron Paul is corporate America’s dream candidate since he wants to end government controls over our economy.

I find it sad the only candidate who campaigned for the rights of poor people is partially undone by the cost of his haircut.

I just become irritated when Bush gives one of those smirks.

If we had a law making it illegal to make comments about alleged conspiracies, what would people writing on blogs talk about?

I just know the New York Giants can’t win the Super Bowl, the head of the CIA said they would win. We all know how good are CIA predictions.

I was sitting in a bagel shop when some girls from the local Catholic high school entered and ordered bagels. And, people claim there have been no changes in American attitudes toward other cultures? In my day, if you wanted a pizza you had to find some Italian restaurant.

Did they always call “I-Hop” I-Hop?” As I recall it was the International House of Pancakes.

They are giving a baseball pitcher who had a record of 15-13 about $140 million. What would he have received if he actually won 20 games?

I am deeply concerned about Mitt Romney. If he doesn’t get the nomination does this mean he has to go on a trip to spread the Mormon religion? If so, will he be showing up at my door wearing a white shirt and dark pants?

I guess White Castle is only fast food establishment that was around in my childhood. Why? What is its secret of success?

Peace and Love

  • journeyer58

    I beg to differ, there was one other candidate who, did campaign but did not get $4oo haircuts. That person was none other than Dennis J. Kucinich. I have met him personally, he does not care about the style of his hair and he certainly does care about the poor and disadvantaged. He also was the candidate whom the networks cut out of the debate because he spoke the truth about the influence of the Main Stream Media and how the country can if the people take back the reins of government, pay for the programs and policies that he would have instituted. Little wonder that Rep. Kucinich, was not allowed to speak at any debate, for if he had, it would have blown the lid off of the programmed discourse that the networks, had so carefully planned. I am certain, that given half a chance, any thinking person, would have chosen either Rep. Kucinich or Gov. Richardson, either one of these fine and outstanding civil servants would have made a great choice for president. But what we truly need, in this time of great trial, is a person, who will not take the course of Duhhhhhhhhbya, and install an imperial presidency. One the rules by fiat, or what is so commonly called, “signing statements.” The only person, and I mean the only person, that I do not see doing this, is Senator Barack H. Obama. Sen. H. Clinton, in my opinion will continue the same failed and obscene policies as Duhhhhhhbya, and go further with them, instituting even more stringent an restrictive measures on the American people. God help us if she is elected.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I stand corrrected. You are right. Dennis Kucinich is certainly a fighter for poor people.
    I disagree with your view of Hillary Clinton. I support Obama but do not subscribe to attempts to transform her into an evil person out to destroy the American constitution. She, like her husband, will appoint men and women to the Supreme Court who uphold the constitution. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

  • journeyer58

    Fred,in the years since Sept. 11, 20o1, Sen. Clinton, has consistently voted to fund the “so-called war in Iraq,” has voted to give the president, powers to suspend habeas corpus in the case of “suspected terrorists,’ voted consistently for the Patriot Act, voted for John Roberts and Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. These and many other votes have shown me that Sen. Clinton, cannot be trusted with the power that goes along with the presidency. This plus the fact that she refuses to repudiate the vote for the original war powers that Congress gave to President Bush. I, cannot see the logic in voting for someone who will continue the failed and illegitimate policies of a president that will go down in history as the worst ever “not” elected by the people. More to come