Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, this blog reviews the world through the lens of some personal observations on life and people. There is nothing factual in these comments, only my own musings.

Why is it if a police car is behind me, I immediately believe they will stop me?

Do you ever wonder if there were no Jews in the world, who would conspiracy theorists blame for this planet’s problems?

I love Farmer Markets. The fruits and vegetables are fresh and they are inexpensive.

Mitt Romney reminds me of the cheerleader attempting to arouse the crowd in the fourth quarter when his team is losing 35-0.

There is an old saying about the evil men do lives on after them. It’s not the evil they do that bothers me so much as being around when they do it.

I am most bothered in life meeting children in whom empathy is a stranger.

John McCain reminds me of a warm and friendly doctor. But, I sure as heck don’t want him operating on my body.

I find ironic the venomous anger by some people towards Hillary Clinton whom they accuse of being cold and uncaring. How would they describe their hate and anger?

Is Dick Cheney still alive?

I often think President Nicolas Sarkozy would make a perfect Governor of California. He seems to fit the state.

Huckabee is such a nice guy, too bad his political and social ideas are whacky.

Regardless of the reason I am entering a hospital, I just want to turn around and leave.

If a light appears on my dashboard, I panic.

I wonder if there is a country in need of a king against whom they can revolt. I know a King George who would fit their needs.

This past week appeared to have shootings and killings all over America, including five killed at a city council meeting here in St. Louis. I just know the NRA will insist easy possession of guns has nothing to do with killings. After all, people need guns in their homes in order to shoot intruders. Funny, I rarely read any stories about people actually shooting intruders.

I drove by a White Castle hamburger place the other day and realized it must be the oldeest hamburger chain in existence in America. Am I wrong?