Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, we comment on a variety of topics. These are all personal observations and are not necessarily related to anything factual.

I saw a policeman guarding a truck loaded with flowers on Valentine’s Day. In my youth, flower cops were peaceniks.

Mitt Romney says he will help John McCain. That is like Roger Clemens this year offering to pitch for your team.

Is Dick Cheney still alive? Doesn’t his silence scare the living daylights out of you?

We have a Cardinal in St. Louis who is upset at the St. Louis University basketball coach who came out in favor of abortion. I wonder if there is a “Catholic” approach to coaching basketball.

I walked into a Wal-Mart and was asked by an Associate if I needed help. Tell me, does an Associate make more than a stock boy?

I have this nightmare. It is 2015 and we are still fighting in Afghanistan and my house on Long Island still hasn’t been sold.

I always find librarians to be happy people. Of course they are, their lives are spent in the beauty of books.

I was making a list of all busnesses that would benefit or suffer from global warming. Naturally, I took my vast stock holdings from those that would suffer.

My wife and I always argue about noise. I will never turn on a TV during the day and she always does. I am a Depression baby, and she is a Baby Boomer.

Halavah is my favorite dessert. You either got hooked on it as a child or its taste will repel you.

I know there are seven wonders in the world. I think the 8th wonder is people paying Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani a cool $200,000 to give a speech. What exactly do these people believe they will hear that is worth twenty cents?

If you owned a company and wanted someone to jump start it with new ideas who would you hire–Obama, Clinton or McCain? If you wanted to keep things as they were who would you hire –Obama, Clinton or McCain?

Do you get the feeling this year the word “steroids” will come up more frequently in baseball discussions than “home run?”

I worry a great deal about Ron Paul supporters. Why not have Paul become president of Andorra? His supporters could have a marathon fund raising campaign and come up with enough money to handle the Andorra national budget. Then, Paul could eliminate income taxes. Andorra would become a model nation of free enterprise and no government interference and no foreign ventures other than shopping trips to Paris or Madrid.

I made a telephone call the other day and went through six recorded messages before I returned to the starting place. We need a law that guarantees the human right to speak with a human when making a telephone call. Dogs can speak with recorded messages.

I saw a picture of President Putin standing next to his protege, Dimitry Medvedev. They reminded me of Edgar Bergen and his dummy, Charlie McCarthy.

Gee, I miss the Marx Brothers. Groucho would have a field day living in Bush America.

I believe Hillary Clinton would have won the nomination if she had told Bill to say home and went before the American people with passion and a few new ideas. Hillary, not talking with Cuba unless they do what we want has been tried for fifty years. It doesn’t work.

Is Paris Hilton still alive? I guess she is doing her bit as a garbage collector to prove she can smell like ordinary Americans.

Anyway, Peace and Love and let’s hope the New York Knickerbockers win two games in a row.