Each week, we offer comments on the human condition from the mind of a 78 year old man.

Among the high crimes in America is a student parking in the faculty parking lot. But, for some strange reason, faculty can park in the student parking lot.

Among the greatest waste in America is the talent and expertise of the elderly.

A high percent of cell phone conversations conclude with, “I’ll see you later.” Do they?

A tattered pair of jeans does not reveal poverty, more often it is the middle or upper class trying to pretend they are poor.

Departing Americans should adopt the European practice of hugging and kissing on the cheek when departing.

I have never worn boots after army service and never will.

I am the driver who just reaches the left turn green signal as it turns red.

Humans have an innate curiosity until they go to school.

America has a desire for change, but does it have a willingness?

I never wipe off seats. One tush is as good as another tush.

I have a hunch this spring more people will mow their own lawn.

I doubt if apes wipe the mouths of their babies as do humans.

I wish they would make more Western films so early in the picture I would know who is the bad guy to get killed.

I never wear my shirt hanging out, always in.

I saw a pottery shop holding a sale. I have a hunch most people will cut back on pottery purchases.

I love warmth and hate cold, my ancestors were desert people.

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