Nothing Is A Lonelier Sight Than An Empty Diner At 8:00 a.m.

Most people in the morning walking with a coffee cup have this very determined look on their faces.

Do you have any doubts that Senator McCain will say anything or do anything to get a vote?

The world’s best newspaper is Der Spiegel. Check it out online.

The new French president Sarkozy has seen too many Hollywood flicks. The guy actually thinks he is a sheriff who has arrived in town to clean it up.

I am not upset at the social ineptness of Bush so much as I am with columnists who giggle and think it’s cute.

Every time I see these six year old kids in my housing development riding in their tiny cars I get the feeling something is wrong with my world.

I never believe in the accuracy of any Pentagon statement about deaths of “insurgents” or “members of the Taliban.” I learned to distrust such statements during the Vietnam War.

I have no idea what Milt Romney thinks or believes. Does anyone?

Women over 60 at checkout counters have their purse out and ready to pay as soon as their stuff is placed in bags. Women under 60 wait and then fiddle around trying to find a credit card or, God-forbid, have to find coins.

I really like Barack Obama, but something in me feels 2008 is Hillary’s year.

If Hollywood gave an Academy Award for bullshit, Rudy G. would win it hands-down.

The most joyous moment in school is the sounding of the 3:00 dismissal bell.

I get very upset entering a senior citizens retirement home and seeing the fragile men and women hunched over in chairs. I am 77 this year and fear I may one day wind up in one of those places.

The best evidence I have uncovered to prove people weigh more today was in the 1942 issue of NFL rosters. The heaviest member of the NY Giants offensive line weighed 235 pounds. By the way, did you know there was an NFL team in Brooklyn? Actually, Brooklyn was playing the NY Giants on Pearl Harbor Day.