Rudy G. Had Announced 12 Commitments – He Already Forget Some

Rudy G. has announced 12 commitments. I’ll bet he couldn’t recite them correctly two weeks from now.

If Paris Hilton did not exist, society would have to create a Hilton Paris.

If Fred Thompson gets elected president, I’ll never watch another Law and Order episode.

George Clooney is among the few Hollywood actors today who would have been a star in the thirties.

I doubt if 10% of Americans know who is playing in the NBA finals. What does that say about the NBA??

I am completely unimpressed by reports that reading scores have risen in a school system. I would be more impressed if book reading increased.

As housing prices rise on the east and west coasts, why not relocate our capital to St. Louis? It will revitalize the midwest and get Congress far away from lobbyists.

I just realized why I am smiling. Two days went by without a photo of a drunken Lindsay Lohan sprawled some place.

Does Bush’s unequivocal support for Gonzales in the face of even Republican Senate respect raise suspicions in your mind about the relationship between the two men? Exactly, what does Alberto have on him?

I read the New York Sun every day. I enjoy the twisting reasoning of their columnists desperately trying to explain Bush’s incompetence. Funny, how they had no problem being clear about Clinton’s minor transgressions.

I’m so pleased St. Louis supermarkets have done away with those silly cards which gave the possessor a discount.

The Republican Party rode the race card for thirty years to gain control of the South. Now, it is trying to ride the immigration card. I don’t think it will work this time.

Social Security offices have a uniformed guard on duty. In the four offices I visited, each guard was either too old or too overweight to do anything if a disturbance broke out among the elderly except to call the police.