Suspend Rational Thinking at Bruce Willis Film

The closer Barry Bonds gets to eclipsing Aaron’s home run record, the closer I get to demanding a medical exam of Mr. Bonds.

Neo-conservatives are elated with cries of justice being served because the scooter was allowed to scoot home free. Have you ever heard a neo-conservative concerned about justice for a poor person in jail?

George spent July 4th speaking to children of servicemen about the importance of being in Iraq. I suspect they are the only ones who actually think he makes sense.

I always get irritated when a person spends five minutes discussing their cup of coffee.

I wonder how many people on July 4th could have explained a single reason why the colonists rebelled.

It was so pleasant observing England’s new Prime Minister handle a terrorist incident without once ranting on about “the war on terrorism.” He was calm and dignified.

The botched up attempt in England made me wonder if from now on we should encourage terrorists to be composed of people who attended college. It appears non-college educated terrorists do a better job.

A Bruce Willis film requires the viewer to suspend all rational thinking and just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

Do you ever get the feeling we eventually will reach the point where telephone salespeople won’t even be able to explain all the gimmicks on the cellphone?

Every time I get stuck in a St. Louis traffic jam I laugh because none of them can ever compare to being stuck on the Long Island Expressway.

I think Bill Clinton is having a ball playing second banana to his wife. The problem is when he plays second banana, she may think he is playing first banana.

John McCain will drop out of the race by the fall. Hopefully, by Christmas, he will understand his fall from grace began when he gracefully went along with Bush on the Iraq war.

I believe America is still waiting for Mitt Romney to take a firm stand on something besides motherhood, children, and his dog.

George Steinbrenner’s birthday was on July 4th. Do you get the feeling his firework’s display took place inside his house yelling at the Yankee general manager?

Just think, a week without a word from Paris Hilton! And, they say there is no God up in Heaven!