The Great Myth of the 21st Century is that Dick Chency has an Analytical Mind

The great myth of the 21st century is that Dick Cheney has a brilliant, analytical mind. Could someone please give me an example of when this so-called genius was right about anything?

The war in Iraq is the first war in American history in which generals were not in the front lines leading their troops. Check out World War Ii and you will discover how many generals died in battle. Of course, in the Civil War, most generals actually led the charge. If generals in Iraq were in the front lines, out fighting men and women would be home by now.

John McCain’s political aspirations for the presidency are over. John, stop kissing asses of right wing conservatives and kick ass for the American people.

I can’t figure out why so many young people like Ron Paul. Besides, finally acknowledging the war in Iraq is a disaster, what else does this man believe in that makes sense to meeting our nation’s needs?

OK, it’s the week after July 4th, so, explain to me why the price of gasoline went up 30 cents a gallon?

Every time I deposit a check in a St. Louis bank I’m told to wait a week to make use of it. If the money is sitting there, does the interest accumulate to me or to the bank? Just asking.

I become furious if I see a grossly over weight child. What’s wrong with the parents!

I don’t mind bagging my groceries, but does my contribution to the store result in higher pay for its employees?

If I was an alien from another planet, I would be intrigued by the number of banks and churches in American cities. My conclusion would be that humans spend money and pray. Or is it, they go to pray so they can get more money?

The only thing George Bush tells me I would believe is true is that he had a bowel movement. Then again, can he tell the difference between pissing and shitting?

Alex Rodriguez hits 31 home runs and knocks in 87 runs. And, the Yankees are ten games behind the Boston Red Sox. Come to think of it, every time Alex hits a lot of home runs his team sinks lower in the standings. I wonder why his teams never win anything.

I am the most fervent New York Knick fan in the world. My prediction for this year is my beloved team wins the NBA championship. Remember, you learned about this outcome here.

A week went by in my life without hearing the name of Paris Hilton mentioned. Did I miss something?