The Legacy of Ralph Nader

A series of 5-4 Supreme Court decisions resulting in curtailment of abortion rights, and freedom of speech for students, increasing difficulty in workers suing to en pay discrimination, and halting efforts at school desegregation highlight the after effects of Ralph Nader’s decision to enter the 2000 presidential election and ensure George Bush’s election. Nader, to this day, insists there is no difference between a Democrat or a Republican in the presidency. Does Mr. Nader believe these Supreme Court decisions would have been the same if Al Gore had become president?

Nader represents a cynical view of life and politics which believes all politicians are evil and it is unimportant who gets elected. Yes, many politicians are corrupt and sell their souls for a few dollars. But, there are also decent people like Al Gore or Congressman Waxman who was the one to nail Dick Cheney’s efforts at hiding papers. Inherent in the Naders of this world is a perspective since politics contains evil, only pure blooded unsoiled individuals who have no chance of winning an election should enter their names in the contest. After all, a George Bush is no different than an Al Gore.

Unfortunately, women’s rights will suffer, we will struggle even harder to attain equity in education for all children, and a mad war in Iraq will consume the lives of thousands because Mr. Nader believes he alone represents virtue. Please do no support another Nader in 2008. If you do, consider the consequence of a President Giuliani or Fred Thompson’s continued funneling of conservatives on the Supreme Court. What price virtue, Mr. Nader, what price?