So Who Is A Progressive?

Senator Bernie Sanders wants Democrats to know that he is the only “Progressive” running for the presidency. He uncovered some statements from Hillary Clinton in which she either said that she was a “moderate” or that she was a “Progressive.” According to Bernie, “you  are either a progressive or a moderate, you  can’t have it both ways.”

Well Bernie, it is clear that you do not know the origin of the word, “Progressive.” It originally was used by supporters of Republican Theodore Roosevelt who after being denied the Republican nomination, formed the Progressive Party and ran for president in 1912. Oh, Bernie, Teddie hated Socialism and argued that only a Progressive could wean working people from socialism. Bernie, “you are either a Progressive or a Socialist, you  can’t be both!

Rand Paul Drops Out–Or In

During Republican debates there was one guy at the end with  sort of funny looking hair who stood virtually alone with a bored look as the other candidates shouted and screamed how they hated Obama, how they would rip to pieces Hillary Clinton and how they would cut taxes, provide jobs for all with  great pay and along the way wipe out ISIS and a few other terrorist groups without using one American soldier.

Senator Rand Paul attempted in his quiet ironic manner to poke fun at the nonsense that was coming from his alleged colleagues. He opposed “carpet bombing” desserts and wiping out ISIS with more planes dropping bombs on deserted area of Syria or Iraq. Essentially, he was ignored by  the Donald man and scoffed at by Cruz and Rubio who wanted to build a greater armed force.

Rand Paul is going home and will eventually return to the Senate where he again will be ignored. Such is the fate of any Republican who speaks with honesty and logic.

So Who Won In Iowa?

There is one certainty about  what happened in Iowa last week, someone gain the most votes and supposedly that was Ted Cruz. Naturally, whenever Ted Cruz is involved in any activity that relates to politics, there is need to take a step back and reflect on how he “won.” Donald Trump informed one and all last week that he really was the  person who won the primary because he came in second. Of course, Marco Rubio  also claimed victory for coming in third.

Suddenly, everything is up in the air. Donald Trump is now shouting FOUL! According to Donald: “Ted Cruz did not win in Iowa. He stole it: that is why  all the polls were wrong, and why he got more voted than anticipated. Bad!” It turns out the Cruz campaign sent emails to thousands of people informing them that  Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and guess who he wanted them to vote for? In addition,  voters received a “certificate” indicating they had to vote or else!

Ted Cruz now apologizes even after initially  blaming CNN for the misinformation. All Ben wanted to do was head home and get a change of clothes.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if Ben Carson will return to cutting up bodies now that he has been cut up by Republican politicians?

Ted Cruz oozes anger and hate.

I really feel sorry these days for Jeb Bush, the bright  Bush son.

Donald becomes President and Mike Huckabee is his best servant in the White House.

Youth wants to be served but youth does not want to vote.

Actually, Martin O’Malley made a lot of sense.

Is Carly  Fiorina still alive?

Hillary Can Still Win The Nomination

Yes, Hillary won a squeaker in Iowa, yes, Bernie Sanders will win in New Hampshire. Yes, Bernie is gaining support from young voters. No,  Bernie cannot   gain the support of white males, no, Bernie can  not gain the support of white union members, yes, Hillary Clinton can do much  better among such voters. As of this moment, neither in Iowa nor in New Hampshire has an election taken place in a state which contains black or Hispanic voters and large blocs of union members.

Hillary will not win in New Hampshire but she will win in South  Carolina and in large industrial states. Those are the numbers that count. For the coming months the Sanders movement will inspire young voters to enter the fray. The unanswered question is whether this bloc will actually turn out to vote on election day. They never showed up  in 2010 nor in 2012 and that is why Republicans control Congress.

Bernie, Shining Knight Of Hour

Since the death of Robert Kennedy in 1968, the Democratic Party has witnessed a series of men who come along with talk about how they will dramatically change the United States. George McGovern spoke that way and won a single state in his fight against Richard Nixon.  Who still remembers Mike Dukakis, another man who spoke words of  a revolution. Today, we have Bernie Sanders who is going to end student debt, provide universal medical care,  dramatically  raise taxes on the wealthy, and provide good jobs to all Americans.

First, Bernie has to win an election. Second, he has to create  a liberal Congress, and then…. Here are the reasons Bernie Sanders can NOT win the presidency 2016:

1. A Democratic victory requires gaining a high black voter turnout. He will  not inspire black Americans.

2. A Democratic victory requires a high Hispanic turnout, he will not achieve that goal.

3. A Democratic victory requires a  high female turnout, he will gain a majority, but the numbers will not be sufficient.

Reality, Hillary Clinton is still the best bet for victory.

Who Is On First?

I closely followed the Iowa primary and heard countless hours of analysis regarding who was most probably the winner of the contest. I finally grasped that  180,000 Christian white people were the representatives of the American people. But, it was close to midnight that the fun began as Republicans boasted about their success. It suddenly dawned upon me that to be a Republican politician is to inhabit parallel universe.

Ordinarily in American sports the team which gets the most points or scores the most runs or has the greater number of  touchdowns is the winner. However, in the Republican universe, it goes somewhat differently.

1.  Donald Trump who came in second declared himself the winner because he claimed most experts initially believed he would wind up down at the bottom. So, coming in second means that he confounded the experts and now is champion.

2. Marco Rubio declared himself the winner because he came in third. As everyone knows that third place contestant is automatically declared the winner.

3. Ben Carson came in fourth and headed home to get a change of clothes. He may well be the silent man, but at least he knows when he is smelling up the joint.

Anyway, here is our thanks to Mr.O’Malley who decided to head home to  Maryland and cease seeking the golden sword to lead the nation.

This Land Is There Land

I have always enjoyed hearing the beautiful Woody Guthrie song, “This land is your  land,” which expresses the belief of all Americans that the land on which Theodore Roosevelt created our system of NATIONAL parks to preserve the beauty of our precious natural resources. OH, he was a Republican and for some reason believed that the national beauty could not be turned over to business corporations whose only desire was for money.

The Oregon group of allegedly “true Americans”came to Oregon to foster their belief that those with money  had first claim on what belonged to the entire nation. They arrived with their guns and now one of them is dead because of his desire to seize what belongs to ALL Americans–our precious heritage of wood and streams and plains not being torn to  pieces by oil rigs or coal mines.

Modern Republicans have completely forgot that it was under a REPUBLICAN that the national heritage was preserved. And, Socialists had nothing to do with this  goal.

Inside Ted Cruz’s Brain

This intrepid investigator has been give permission by Ted Cruz, the man  who intends to save America from jihadist terrorists to spend a few moments inside his brain. This is a first for the American media, to actually get the inside scoop about Ted Cruz. First, let me note that it is not dark inside the brain because God  Himself shines brightly in order to ensure that Ted is awake and ready for action.

Of course, an important site in the brain is the Godless pit. Inside the pit are those who reject Our Lord, and spend their time wallowing in fire and hell. Naturally, there is a path leading to Mexico for those who entered the brain without a legal document. The New York island is surrounded by sharks to prevent any of those god forsaken people to cross over into Iowa land where dwell the righteous folk.

There is a high wall inside the brain to prevent any subversive ideas to enter since Ted does not want his family to come in contact with foreign elements that might disturb their peace of mind. There is also a shooting gallery where anyone can blast away at pictures of Satan’s messenger, Hillary Clinton. And, if you have a spare dime just pull the lever on the ducking  stool on which sits the evil one–Donald Trump!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


For some reason, CNN never went to the headquarters of Ben Carson. Oh,is he still alive?

I wonder what Carly Fiorina was thinking last night.

Ted  Cruz is the poor man’s Senator Joseph McCarthy without the joie de vive of the anti-Communist demagogue.

Marco Rubio must talk and talk and talk about his immigrant father and mother.

Take away  his arms and Bernie Sanders would not utter a word.

Donald was sort of quiet last night. Not the old give em hell!

So, some white Christians want to decide who is our next president!