We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Woman Drives Drunk With Kids”

Now, this is a good way to wind up driving drunk without kids.

Sweden, Local: “Schools Teach LBGT Lessons”

Hands on?

Egypt,al-ahram: “Saudi Women Register To Run”

Away from the religious police?

USA, aol. “Celebrity Divorces”

Does that include divorcing America from Trump?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Fan Falls To Death”

At least he did catch the ball!

Black Lives Matter, They Sure Do

There is a group which goes by the name of ‘Black Lives Matter” which is still another example in modern America of the anti-political situation in our society. According to one of its spokespersons, ” The Democratic Party,like the Republican party and all political parties have historically attempted to contain black efforts to liberate themselves. True change requires real struggle, that struggle will be in the streets and led by the people, not by a political party.”

Let me get this straight:

1. It will be led by “the people.” Who or what is “the people?” Of course, it is those who are leading this group. As I recall, they were never elected or designated as leaders by any or all of The People.

2. So,there is a demonstration and ‘the people’ protest. Then, what happens?

3. Black Lives Matter is simply a group of people interested in pretending they represent someone.

All SUCCESSFUL changes in American society come from a political process. Just study the life of leaders such as Martin Luther King or A.Philip Randolph or Thurgood Marshall, etc..And, let me include Lyndon Johnson and Abraham Lincoln.

The Carson Factor

The media is upset about Donald Trump as a potential candidate for president. But, the even more bizarre candidate is Doctor Ben Carson. Yes, Carson is a doctor, yes, Carson is of black skin, yes, Carson lacks any understanding of what is necessary within the United States, let alone the world. I doubt if he could even identify the location of Syria. I doubt if he could conduct a conversation, logical, illogical, about any issue in foreign affairs. But,this nincompoop is now the second choice in Iowa among Republican voters. What does this say about the condition of politics in the United States? How did we arrive at a point in history when someone lacking ANY knowledge of conditions in our society or the world is now the second choice among Iowa Republicans?

1. Carson appeals to those who hate Obama and what better way to display the hatred than to support a black candidate?

2. Carson, like Trump, is the anti-politician, so why not elect someone who is completely non-political and ignorant?

We Americans are lost in anger and ignorance!

Russians Blast America

Russia is a land governed by Vladimir Putin,a sort of Donald Trump, Dick Cheney and Ted Cruz put together. Vladimir has convinced the Russian people they are surrounded by evil nations seeking to take over the only prosperous nation in the world–RUSSIA! Slowly,but continually, the Russian government is driving off the TV screen any pictures or words that might contradict his version of reality. A recent poll, conducted by the Russian government,reveals that many Russians believe:

1. America is an immoral nation.

2. Americans are not warm to one another.

3. Americans only repeat as truth what they see or hear on TV.

4. Americans hate and envy Russia.

Ironically,just about everything they say about the US would aptly apply to Russia.

The Russian economy is tumbling each day. The Russian ruble has lost most of its value.There is inflation and loss of jobs. So, Russians, how about heading for immoral USA?

Oh, in Russia it is against the law to publicly support gay rights. I wonder if American gays would enjoy the free land of Russia?


The National Rifle Association is very concerned that some people might misunderstand the recent shooting on live television of two people. If people see such horror they may get the wrong idea and blame guns for the shooting. Guns had nothing to do with these murders, heck the guy could have used a knife and stabbed a dozen people. Above all,the NRA is warning Americans about allowing their emotions to overcome their common sense about guns.

Sometimes in a fight we can become so emotional that everyone and everything starts looking like the enemy,even when they are there to help us.” Guns are not the enemy, they are simply your friend in need. Just remember:

1. First they came for a bullet

2. Next they came for a law that would reduce the number of people who could have guns.

3. Next they banned a few guns.

4. Next they banned all guns.


Syria Forever?

Each day I gaze at pictures in the newspaper or online which depict frightened people fleeing from Syria. They have left by the millions, desperately seeking a place of safety and comfort, at least for the moment. They are homeless, they are alone, they are abandoned by their country’s leaders and the world. On their face is the same look one saw during the 1930s when Jews were fleeing Nazi Germany in hope that someone would offer some form of safety. No nation stepped forward. Today, Sweden has been doing the job of offering a home, but there are limits to that small country. So, what can be done?

1. The UN should organize a program of relocation that spreads refugees around the world. Sorry, that is the only alternative.

2. Somehow,some way,Russia and Iran must persuade President Assad to step aside.

3. Just imagine the reaction of Donald Trump if a few thousand Syrian refugees showed up on our shores!

Din Rodef Means Death

The nation of Israel has been struggling for the past decades as to who or what it is. The original dream of Israel was to be a symbol in the Middle East of a democratic society in which people of all religions could live in peace and harmony. Somehow,along the road to this goal religious extremists entered the picture and obtained power. It was a Jewish terrorist who murdered Israel Prime Minister Rabin, and it is Jewish gun men who use their power to deny rights to Muslims and Christian farmers and workers.

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner made clear the other day that anyone who quarrels with the chief rabbinate of Jerusalem is subject to din rode.That means in English, the right of true believers to resort to force to kill him. The state of Israel has now reached a point in which there are citizens claiming the right of murder for those who oppose religious leaders. What ever happened to the dream?

Death Has No End

American society is supposedly threatened by Muslim terrorists. Our government will arrest any Muslim suspect who has a gun on grounds society cannot allow potential terrorists wandering our streets with guns. Here in Chicago, with a population that is one fourth that of New York City, there are more murders so far this year than in New York City, and ALL are committed by AMERICAN BORN CHRISTIANS. Each day there is one after another reports of people engaged in normal daily activities who wind up dead–NOT by a terrorist, but by a fellow American.

Sheriff Darren Goforth stopped at a gas station to fill up his car with gas. How could such a trivial activity lead to death? Who knows? The only thing we do know is that Shannon Miles pumped bullets into the back of Goforth. One is left baffled by these events. WE Americans have created a gun culture and the only end result is the use of guns, and those guns are NOT pointed at targets unless the target is a living person!

Wisconsin Milk

Scot Walker is a Republican. Scott Walker has a hero named Donald Trump. Scott Walker wants a high, high wall built on the border with Mexico, heck, he even wants one built on the Canadian border a– all three thousand miles long. Scott Walker has taken a stand against immigrants, and wants them to quit taking jobs away from Americans. He wants an “immigration system that works. I don’t think you do it with amnesty.”

There is one slight problem for Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin Dairy Association about HALF THE WORKERS ON FARMS ARE IMMIGRANTS! According to dairy farmer John Rosnow, his anti-immigrant proposal would “put most farmers in the state out of business.”

Oh, well, Scott broke unions and now he will break farmers!

Jobs To China

The Republican party has moved from the important issue of the African birth of Barack Hussein Obama to the more important issue of how the black dude is behind the flight of jobs from America to China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and, naturally, Mexico. It is slightly unclear how actions of an American president result in jobs leaving America and heading for China, but, what the heck, it sure sounds scary.


2. American business leaders obtain cheap labor in other nations.

3. American business leaders just want low wages and they will go with that is found.

4. American business leaders are even locating their headquarters in foreign lands to escape taxes in the US.

5. Donald, American business leaders increasingly use robots for work. Soon, they will return their business establishments to America and forget about people, American, Chinese, Thai,etc..