Rhetoric Of Hate And Anger Goes Nowhere!

Israel was founded upon the proposition that Jews were ready to discuss any and all issues. Over the decades all too many Jews have slipped into an anger that prevents intelligent discussion regarding problems. The South African Jewish Report produced a story that shocked most people in South Africa. A reporter named Reich compared Archbishop Desmond Tutu to HITLER! In fact, the newspaper had a picture of the famous as though he was Adolf Hitler! Tutu was accused of “preying on Jews together with Hamas” One wonders what is the intention of such rhetoric? Desmond Tutu fought for civil rights in South Africa, not with weapons of war, but with words of peace.

It is time for Jews throughout the world to recognize that opponents do not hate Jews, they dislike Israel foreign policy. Attacking Desmond Tutu only garners enemies, not friends. End rhetoric, and invite Tutu to discuss his views!

Hamas Ready To Talk?

The history of the 20th century is marked with examples of two groups which hate one another finally recognizing it is time to end disputes and live in peace with one another. Irish people fought against the British for over two hundred years before both parties agreed in the 1920s to live in peace with one another. During the 1990s, Nelson Mandela, leader of black South Africans reached an historic agreement with whites that ended apartheid. Israeli leaders insist their opponents are savages, terrorists, and it is impossible to negotiate with them. Of course, within a few years after the founding of Israel its leaders worked cooperatively with German leaders despite the fact Nazi Germany murdered SIX MILLION JEWS!

Hamas leader, Musa Abu Marzuk openly made comments of the intention of his group to discuss issues with Israel. “Just as you negotiate with weapons, you can negotiate with talk. UP to now our policy as no negotiation with Israel, but others should be aware that this issue is not taboo.” OK, Hamas is a terrorist group. So was the African National Congress led by Nelson Mandela. If Prime Minster Netanyahu would issue a statement agreeing to talk, who knows what might occur? Better to jaw, jaw, then to war, war!

Scots To Vote -NO!

The people of Scotland have enjoyed several months of playing with the idea of leaving Great Britain, and enjoying themselves as member of their own nation. But, alas, there is such a thing as ECONOMIC REALITY. In this day and age, banks, currency, titles to mortgages, pensions, and health care play a more important role than one’s sense of independence. Latest figures from Scotland reveal the NO vote is now the choice of 47.6% while the YES vote is held by 42.4%. The figures reveal that women are more likely to vote NO because they are more afraid of life in an independent nation that does not enjoy support from banks.

Modern reality: BANKS control our lives. We depend upon them for our money sources. English banks made clear that if Scots voted NO, they would vote NO for maintaining their services in Scotland. We predict no independence for Scotland

Pay Fines To Run Government

The United States of America must be among the few nations in this world that has its government financed by fees gathered by the police. Anyone who has driven in this country has probably encountered the cop waiting on the outside limits of a town for an out-of-state car that can be pulled over for the crime of -SPEEDING. I, along with millions, have been caught in the act of a crimes. I was going 28 miles per hour in the zone that clearly said, the rate was 25 miles per hour. Oh, the cop does not take you to jail, just the court house where a friendly judge tells you to pay the $25 or the $50 and be on your way. Naturally, those with dark skins are more likely to be pulled over.

At a recent meeting in Ferguson, Missouri, angry black people demanded the City Çouncil( white folk) end this practice in their town of using cops to pay for running the town. It is estimated that 20% of government expenditures in Ferguson derive from this or that fee paid by someone for this or that crime. You know, jay walking or a driving with a busted headlight. Hopefully, blacks in Ferguson get the message, they must VOTE and take control of THEIR TOWN!

Hordes Of Immigrants Are Coming!

Political leaders in America continue insisting there is a problem with our borders. Of course, they mean our border with Mexico, not our border with Canada. I daily encounter people who are worried that hordes of immigrants are ready to pour over the border with Mexico and…. The “and” part is what fascinates me. And, do what? I gather they will take jobs away from Americans. They will take away those wonderful jobs picking peaches and lettuce that pay one at least $5 an hour. Or, they will throw you out of work in the meat packing plant, the job you went to college, and that was supposed to provide you an income that would purchase a house and send your kids to college. Yep, them immigrants, want to take away our jobs and…

1. The presence of 12,000,000 immigrants in America provides goods to seek them, services to sell them.

2. Illegal immigrants pay taxes which fund schools or highways.

3. Illegal immigrants provide jobs to teachers, doctors, and merchants.

4. The presence of illegal immigrants provide jobs to truck drivers who haul materials to sell these people.

In 1918 about one out of four Americans was an immigrant. For some reason, this nation did not collapse. Now their grandchildren want to get rid of immigrants. How times have changed!

Surprise?Oscar Pistorious Not Guilty Of Murder!

After months of deliberation and conflict a decision has finally been rendered in a court in Africa. Oscar Pistorious is cleared of the charge of premeditated murder, and might come off with being convicted of killing his girl friend by mistake. Reality: Oscar is too famous to be sent to prison. Oscar is a white man who killed a white woman because he thought that a black man was out to kill the white woman, and what else could he do but kill the girl so that she would not be raped or ravaged by the black man? There is not a jury in murder cases in South Africa so the decision was in the hands of a nice elderly black skinned woman.

I have previously reviewed this case. It makes no sense for a man to blast away into a bathroom because he heard “noises.” At no point did he check to see if Reeva was OK back in the bedroom. He just shot into a door. OK, he is now a free man. This case proves if you are famous, have money, regardless of skin color in South Africa, you will go free!

Cool Handed Barack

Barack Obama finally gave a speech that outlined specific points he intended to pursue. He made clear that no American troops would be fighting on the ground, but there presence was to focus on training, logistics and intelligence. Naturally, Republicans are angry because he did not come across as filled with passion and anger toward ISIS. In this day and age, one must display hate, fury, and a desire to wipe out the enemy or you are not really in sync with the American people. I gather there are many who insist that ISIS poses a serious threat to the security of Americans. One recent poll reveals that 41% of Americans believe that ISIS is a threat to a member of their family. This figure indicates that 120,000,000 Americans might be injured or killed by a group of 20,000 guys currently in the desert of Iraq!

Give me a break. It is time to end this hysteria. OK, a few dozen might make it into the United States of America and kill some folk. Last year, AMERICANS KILLED 30,000 AMERICAN WITH THEIR GUNS! The real threat to America is from AMERICANS! It is time to calm down and relax.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Friendship is a gift, not an obligation.

There are friends of heart and friends of convenience.

Prejudice has a thousand fathers.

Some talk to self aloud, others only within.

The past dwells forever in our mind.

People enjoy boasting of their skin color.

Our choice is always to love or to hate.

I enjoy being is silence enjoying my mind.

Some grasp the pizza proudly as though won a prize.

Some dig into pocket seeking to grasp a treasure.

“So Help Me God”

A member of the United States Air Force has been informed that he must depart unless on his re-enlistment process he takes an oath of allegiance to the United States that includes the words, “so help me God.” It turns out the Air Force is the only branch of our armed forces that insists someone who does not believe in God must pledge allegiance to God or forsake belonging to the armed forces. A few years ago, there were reports from the Air Force Academy of efforts by religious folk to propagate their ideas among those in the Academy. What exactly does God have to do with being a loyal American is a mystery of life. Most reports indicate at the minimum about 10% of Americans are atheists in one way or another. Heck, at least thirty percent of Americans don’t belong to any religious group!

We insist that “God Is ON Our Side” when we go off to kill the “enemy.” We insist that God helped us win the bet or ensured that we had the winning hand in a poker game. Frankly, “so help me God” should only mean that I love my fellow humans, so help me God!

By the way, those who lead the US Air Force, ISIS believes that God is on their side, so help me God!

Wither Scotland?

This week the people of Scotland will decide whether or not they intend to remain part of the nation known to the world as, Great Britain. This arrangement has been in place for only 307 years so it is still in the process of working out any kinks. OK, Scots have fought in a few wars alongside the Brits in the South. OK, Scots receive billions of pounds from the guys and gals in the South. OK, so Scots have pledged allegiance to British monarchs for a few hundred years. But, for some strange reason a lot of Scots have now decided it is time to split and run. A few economists have noted that leaving Great Britain leaves Scotland without a national currency, without membership in the European Union, and without access to that wonderful health care system.

I assume since we Americans have the Tea Party, it stands to reason that Scot folk have their own version. Stand alone against the world is the motto of those seeking independence for Scotland. A great motto. Sounds very brave and noble. But, there is always Monday morning reality. I find interesting that in the 21st century there is increasing evidence of breaking into smaller units. Heck, the people of Texas want to be independent, and able to handle immigrants their own way-blast away!

Have the Scots thought of joining with Texas as part of a new nation?