A Drug Called Charlie

There are 17 million people in this society who are without jobs, another 17 million who probably are underpaid and over worked, but to Charlie Sheen, they are fortunate because they do not have to endure his trials and tribulations. He was fired by CBS for use of foul, insulting language and one tirade too far. It is tough for a man who makes $1.8 million a week to be cast aside and forced to head toward the nearest food shelter in order to feed the family.

Charlie is upset at the “psychological stress. It’s now $3 million an episode” for all he has endured at the hands of these Nazi style people who are led by a Jew named Chuck. “Take it or leave it,” proclaims Charlie, “I’m underpaid.” He is also “tired of pretending I’m not special.” Alas, we have never recognized his unique abilities as an actor.

Nor have we grasped the difficulty of living on only $1.8 million an episode. “I’ve got a whole family to support and love.” How else could he conclude but with a “I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.”

God bless Charlie. God bless his impoverished family. I’m so happy that I am fortunate to live on my extravagant $2,400 a month Social Security.