Afghan Shock Treatment No Shock

As I recall, then President George Bush claimed our mission in Afghanistan was to further the ideas of democracy. Of course, George was once governor of the good state of Texas which electrocutes more prisoners than any other state and its governors are darned proud they kill bad guys. So, it is no shock to learn that Afghan security folk and police, who were trained by US and NATO personnel, apparently engage in torture. A new UN Report states that “beatings, electric shocks, and torture are administered on suspected Taliban fighters.”

Torture is found in literally ever province in Afghanistan and in every security facility which allegedly is supposed to win over captured Taliban and get them on the “good side.” Anyone who has studied the history of torture knows that all torture does is make those who are tortured hate torturers even more.

Of course, there is a 1987 law in America which prevents sending weapons or funds to those who engage in torture. Does anyone believe this means no more funds for the torturers of Taliban prisoners?