All Not Quiet On The Thailand Front

Among the many mysteries of my life is the apparent lack of concern by the Tea Party, Republicans in Congress and Fox News about demonstrators in Thailand. Once again tens of thousands are in the streets shouting and yelling about the government of Yingluck Shninawatra who has been under siege for over a year. Crowds wander the streets blowing whistles, yelling, blocking traffic and pushing around those who defend the government. I assume Fox News, and, certainly Senator John McCain, want American Marines to be sent in order to restore law and order before al-Qaeda takes over the government. Of course, Muslims are the minority in Thailand and they are engaged in a war against Thailand that goes on and on. But, not a word from Sarah Palin about seeing Thailand from her window, not a word from TEd Cruz about failures of the Obama administration, not a demand for an inquiry into American policy toward Thailand. What in hell is going on? Where are the shouts of complaints about the incompetent Obama?

Ms. Yinkluck Shinawatra is the sister of Thaksin Shinawatra who was thrown out of the country nearly ten years ago for his policies that favored poor people in northern regions. He is a billionaire and the only reason he wants to help the poor is to get their votes. Gee, I assume since he is a billionaire that makes him, automatically a job creator. Send in the Marines!