Barack Obama Quits Church

Senator Barack Obama has cut his ties with th e Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago that he has attended since 1992 due to continuing divisive statements by those preaching in its pulpit. In a letter to church officials, Obama and his wife noted: ‘Our relations with Trinity have been strained by the divisive statements of Reverend Wright, which sharply conflict with our own own views. It is a decision Michelle and I discussed for quite some time. This is not a decision I come to lightly. It is a decision I come to with some sadness.” The senator obviously had come to the conclusion statements by the Reverend Wright would be regarded as “remarks(that) will be imputed to me.”

The obama decision is most probably one that had to be made given the divisive and angry comments of the Reverend Wright who has allowed his ego to be the most important thing in life. The individual who should feel sad about this entire episode is the Reverend Wright.

  • Mike Valentine

    I saw the complete video that the clip came out of about Rev. Wright’s “God Damn America” bit.

    It wasn’t his statement. Had the press had the ability to actually look past the surface and see the complete video it would have been evident. It’s a lot to ask I know … but there it is.

    Up until the Rev. Wright seemed to go off his nut after the Bill Moyers interview, I thought he was all right.

    Could it be that the Right Rev. Wright was acting out just to give Obama the cover he needed to distance himself from the church and Rev. Wright.?

  • Fred Stopsky

    I belive the nasty remarks by the Rev. Pfleger were the last straw for Obama.