I wish to express my appreciation to Republican Party leaders who have informed the American people the Obama administration seeks to place known murderers into a jail in Illinois. Wow! Just imagine, having criminals in a jail that might be near your town or in your state! Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, warned Americans, that Congress “already rejected bringing terrorists to US soil for long-term detention.” He wants to know how America is safer having terrorists in American jails rather than in Guantanamo. I believe the Republican congressman has a point– why do we have criminals in jails in America? Of course, due to laws supported by the Republican party, there are 2.2 million men and women in jail within the borders of the United States. Of course, I doubt if any of these detainees has killed anyone, they are in jail for doing bad things, but none are murderers.

Give us a break, Senator McConnell, there are murderers, sadists, serial killers, child molestors, and God knows who else presently in our jails. Do you really believe the men from Guantanamo are worse than what we currently have in jail? I have a hunch if the Guantanamo group ever made contact with native born God fearing American criminals they would beg to tell all and promise to be good boys from now on.