Body Snatchers In New York

George Wong died several days ago. George Wong was a fireman in the New York City Fire Department for about twenty years. George Wong was at 9/11 and spent the day, along with his comrades, working to save the lives of New Yorkers who were trapped in collapsing buildings. George Wong was forced to retire in 2006 due to what his doctor termed signs of cancer. Dr. Corresco believes the cancer was linked to his actions on that fateful day in September, 2001. Unfortunately, the New York City Health Department does not agree with the findings of a medical doctor.

The Health Department sent storm troopers to the home of Mr. Wong and they seized the body in order to have their medical people prove there was no connection between the Wong death and 9/11. The Wong family was devastated to have his body snatched away by strangers and their funeral arrangements were disturbed. For some reason, the Health Department wants to prove that no one dies as a result of their actions on 9/11.

Perhaps, Mayor Bloomberg can seize the bodies of dead Wall Street financiers in order to find evidence they are vampires who suck the money of innocent New Yorkers