Bombs Away In Cairo

There is scant doubt the people of Egypt currently are in the early stage of a bloody civil war that will erupt over the coming years. At least 30 percent of the people of Egypt are conservative followers of religious leaders and believe those to whom they have given allegiance are being persecuted by the military government which now rules the land. Bombs went off at Cairo University, a center of student action.A significant number of Cairo University students follow the Muslim Brotherhood and believe that former President Mursi is being persecuted for his religious beliefs. Actually, the only punishment he has received stems from his inept rule by the force of ignorance. Anmyway, initially two bombs exploded and then a few hours later came a third boom. At least one police officer is dead and several wounded.

Some students have seen too many movies and have concluded that being engaged in war and conflict is rather neat. Unfortunately, one day some of these men will be tortured and brutalized,even to the point of death. It is time to return to the initial Egyptian student plan of demonstrations and working without resorting to violence.