Burma Junta Agrees To Talks

The Burmese military junta and opposition parties have agreed to hold “meaningful and substantive” talks to resolve the current political crisis in Myanmar. UN Secretary General Ban ki-mon said his special envoy to Myanmatr, Irbrahim Gambari was able to convince Burma’s military leaders of the importance attached to engaging in dialogue with all political parties in their nation. The UN Security Council has urged Burma’s leaders to work constructively with Suu Kyi, the main opposition leader, in order to move their nation forward toward democracy.

The Burmese military junta is undoubtedly as stubborn and hostile to outside pressure as was Saddam Hussein. George Bush never allowed the UN to pursue its investigation of the supposed WMD preferring military action which became the disastrous Iraq war. Sometimes, it takes time to achieve results, but Bush lacked time or, perhaps, he never intended to pay any attention to the UN.