Campigan Has Begun–Smearing Hillary Clinton

The 2008 presidential campaign has gotten off to the course most political experts expected would be taken– a smear campaign on YouTube directed against Hillary Clinton. Peter Paul, former supporter of Clinton, launched a vicious YouTube piece (produced with assistance of two men who created anti-Kerry smears in 2004) which depicts the senator as a power mad individual. According to Paul, “Her abuse of power as reflected in my case should make everybody pause about entrusting hr with the reins of power.” Mr. Paul is a convicted felon who is now awaiting sentencing on stock fraud about a company that Clinton refused to have anything to do with.

The Paul video will be followed by many more such pieces in an effort to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton. Republicans will stoop to every and any form of smear campaigns in order to win because they lack a coherent program about Iraq, the economy, health care or how to aid our veterans.

  • Bubba

    Address the issues Peter Paul brings up instead of stupid ass blanket denials. I am neither for nor against Clinton, but this kind of Limbaugh evasion does not server her well

  • Fred Stopsky

    Your two lines of generalities mean absolutely nothing. I assume you were referring to Ron Paul, not Peter Paul. As I recall, Peter Paul is a candy bar. Then again, Ron Paul might know more about candy than he does about the American economy.