Do You Want This Man As Your President?

Following are two quotes from Rudy Giuliani during a debate in which he supported waterboarding and other forms of torturing prisoners:
“They talk about sleep deprivation. I mean, on that theory, I’m getting tortured running for president of the United States. That’s just plain silly.”
“If I didn’t use intensive questioning, there would be a lot of Mafia guys running around New York right now.”

Mr. Giuliani often believes talking tough is equivalent to being tough. He will say anything in order to get a vote and his failure to demonstrate the slightest aspect of self reflection is a fundamental flaw in his character. Sleep deprivation is a method used in totalitarian nations to break the will of opponents. To even suggest lack of sleep during a campaign is equivalent to what prisoners endure day after day indicates the speaker lacks any grasp of what it means to be an American who supports constitutional rights for all– even opponents. Rudy Giuliani is flippant, cute, arrogant, and demeaning of others in his quest for power. He never listened to a word from Senator John McCain, who endured years of torture, about what torture does both to one’s soul and to the soul of the torturer. A society which would elect this creature as its president is a society which has lost faith in the values of living in a democratic humane world. Orson Swindle, who was tortured in Vietnam, described how he once was deprived of sleep for twenty days and finally broke and wrote a lying letter to escape further torture. Mr. Giuliani differs from Mr. Swindle in that he lies without being tortured, and his lies and deceit and lack of human compassion go on endlessly. Do you want this man as your president? Do you want a man with such insensitivity to uphold as a model for children?

P.S. This man who boasts of being brave somehow found a way to get draft deferments that allowed him to escape fighting in Vietnam. Perhaps, if he had endured one-tenth the pain that McCain experienced, it might have led to a human able to grasp with complex issues through the lens of religion and morality. Mr. Giuliani, you are no John McCain!

  • Marc

    I think we could also ask the same question about John McCain …Just how long is John McCain going to use his former POW status as the bedrock to his campaign? He has the audacity to call Guliani out on his sleep deprivation comment yet what McCain truly needs to do is look in the mirror. He has made it a personal mission, in the name of re-establishment of relations and later on trade with Vietnam, to “bury” those who were left behind in Vietnam after the war. He accuses Guliani of belittling the service and sacrifice of men who served as POWs, all the while he has done even more incredulous things to those who have yet to return from Vietnam and their families. Sadly, these are the same families who, while McCain was “tied up”, were fighting with Washington to make sure that he and the others were not forgotten. Only to turn around and slap them all in the face with his refusal to address the POW/MIA Issue and then culminating in his treachery during the 1992 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs.

    He regularly tells POW/MIA families that it is time to move on and get over Vietnam, well, maybe he should take some of his own advice.

    I would like John McCain to endure a tenth of the pain and anguish that POW/MIA families have been for the past 35-40 years.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I once heard Yehuda Bauer, one of the great authorities about the Holocaust, speak about this topic. I believe his comment is what John McCain would say to you. “If you study the Holocaust and come away with hate and anger in your heart, then Hitler has won. If you study the Holocaust and come away with love for people, then you have defeated Hitler.” The people of France had four million of their young men get killed by the Germans,– not 56,000–but now French and German students work together and both nations are at peace and working toward reconciliation. If I am of
    Cherokee or Sioux or Apache heritage should I hate the descendants of those who killed my ancestors? I would never vote for John McCain, but I know he suffered more anguish than any family member of a POW/MIA back home in America. Rudy Giuliani is a blow heart who takes credit for things he never did, he is arrogant and lacks knowledge of the world. Again, I would not vote for McCain, but I know he has more knowledge about world affairs than Rudy G., the bull shit artist ever would possess.

  • mendy

    i dunno about torture…….i dont know about speechs…….i dunno about ”personal experience”
    i know results. IF i would think about rudy for president it would be based on 1 thing only:
    he can deliver results
    same reason sarkozy won in france and is immensely popular, results results and more relentless to solve one way or another a nation’s problems