FBI Hires Keystone Cop

This is a story no intelligent person would believe, but it is true. The FBI, with all its billions of dollars, hired an ex-convict to infiltrarte Muslim groups in southern Carlifornia who has the intelligence if a retarded donkey. Craig Monteilh was hired by th FBI after he got out of jail, and he assumed the name of Farouk al-Aziz who entered mosques in southern California pretending to be a devout Muslim in search of finding his roots –in a Jihad. Mosque leaders were so upset at the man who constantly urged them to get involved in bombing and Jihad that they went to the police.

Monteilh was attempting to entrap Ahmadullah Niazi, a brother-in-law of the bodyguard of Osama bin Laden. He urged Mr. Niazi to join in a Jihad and blow up some buildings, but Mr. Niazi thought the guy was nuts and humored him along. The case against Niazi collapsed.

Shakeel Syed, Director of the Islamic Council of Southern California noted: “they got a guy, a bona fide criminals and obviously trained him and sent him to infiltrate mosques. It’s like a soap opera, for God’s sake.”

Many leaders of Mosques are ready to cease any connection with the FBI after this fiasco. It is too bad the Marx Brothers are dead otherwise they could make a movike out of this piece of FBI idiocy!