Hasan–Mediocre Student And Lazy Worker

The search goes on among military medical staff and politicians seeking to obtain some headlines out of the tragedy at Ft. Hood. Several doctors noted that Major Hasan was rated as a mediocre student and a lazy worker, but that apparently was not of sufficient interest to anyone that the officer might not be fit for duty in the armed forces. The buzz word today is were there any “red flags” which would have alerted his superiors that Hasan might be a danger both to himself and others. I guess aside from not being able to relate to patients, lecturing people about foreign policy, and being a mediocre psychiatrist, there really wasn’t much evidence he was anything other than incompetent. But, then again, when did being incompetent ever get anyone discharged from the armed forces?

If an individual is rated as “mediocre” and lazy shouldn’t that in itself be a red flag? There were numerous complaints from his patients they did not relate to the doctor, but those feelings did not alert anyone.