Tea Party ranters wander the nation yelling about higher taxes and demanding we return to the days of yore when some Boston men went on British ships and dumped tea overboard to protest tea rates. Of course, the English government and the East India Tea Company had REDUCED THE PRICE OF TEA, but, what the heck, as far as the ignorant masses who comprise the Tea Party knowing anything about American history is not part of their knowledge base. On one hand, they argue we are in a war against “terrorism,” but on the other hand, they refuse to follow policies such as during World War II when the prevailing sentiment was that taxes SHOULD BE RAISED IN ORDER TO PAY FOR THE COST OF THE WAR! A true patriot would feel proud to pay taxes in order to provide for the common defense and to assist fellow citizens. Tax rates during WWII went as high as 70% over a certain level because Americans in those days had the quaint notion that no one should make money in times of national emergency.

We need to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 in order to have sufficient funds to pay for the police and firemen we need, to provide jobs for our young people who could spend times working productively at rebuilding our infrastructure and making this a nation which is at the forefront of business innovation. We either pay now or this nation will fall behind.

True Tea Party patriots will support this plea for higher taxes on the wealthy and more jobs for the unemployed.