Hit Back Without Compromise Insists Israel Leaders

Prime Minister Olmert visiting in Berlin was told by German Chancellor Angela Merkel of her support in demanding that Hamas cease their rocket attacks on Israel. She agrees there is a humanitarian crisis in Gazaq and “the easiest answer to this is for the firing on the state of Israel, the terrorist activities, to be stopped , and then there is no need to talk about future sanctions.”Olmert urged Germany to end all further commerce with Iran, and when asked if attacking Iran due to its alleged nuclear development program was an Israel consideration, he responded: “No option is ruled out.”

Presdient Peres told the press the reason Hamas leader Prime Minister Haniyeh is in hiding is due to his fear that Gazans might kill him and Israel is prepared to strike Gaza rocket facilities without hesitation or compromise. This is a rather strange belief considering Israel has threatened to kill the Hamas leader. Meanwhile, the militant Israel Interior Minister, Meier Sheetrit, said he wanted to build a “modern Arab city” in Galilee for Israel Arab citizens.

The government of Israel has every right to defend itself against military aggression, but use of military is only one weapon in ending the rocket attacks. We beg to differ with the Israel president, but compromise is the essence of resolving problems. Israel has been relying on military action for years and still terrorism continues and rocket attacks go on. At some point, it must realize discussions with Hamas, without preconditions, offer the best hope for resolution of problems.

We find it strange that an Israel leader wants to construct an “Arab city” for its Israel Arab citizens. They are Israelis as much as any Jewish person. Segregation was never the dream of those who founded the state of Israel.