Human Rights For Gays, I Think?

Justice Minister Sidiki Kaba is a big shot in the government of Senegal and one of his tasks in life is protecting the human rights of people. He is head of the International Federation for Human Rights so it is no surprise to anyone that he has dropped his opposition to banning the prosecution of homosexuals and those for of folk. If you would like to understand his ideas on homosexuality, let me review them for anyone out there. “I am a minister of justice who works in the context of a government and who expresses his views through those of the head of state which apply to all those who serve under him.”

Kaba did acknowledge that as head of the Federation for Human Rights and when he expressed his opposition to make homosexuality he was simply referring to his role as head of that organization which means he will not oppose prosecuting those who are homosexuals. Under the laws of Senegal anyone who is engaged in an act that is of “an improper and unnatural act with a person of the same sex”can go to jail for five years.

I trust this clears up his stand on homosexuality.