Is Death The Human Condition?

It was a pleasant day in the city of Gatumba in Burundi, men and woman gathered at a pub for some drinks and relaxation. They chatted, laughed, exchanged stories and sighed at sad tales. Little did these  humans know by inhabiting the planet of Earth, they had subjected themselves to daily disasters. Suddenly, the door burst open and armed men dashed into the pub shouting hate and defiance. I assume at this point, Governor Rick Perry would argue if only customers were armed their lives would have been saved.

One of the gun men shouted, “don’t leave any survivors” and bullets cut through bodies. No one knows if the gun men belonged to a rebel group or were some faction which desired that death would be their afternoon delight. In the end, 36 humans lay dead on the floor. The gun men fled, the bodies remained and it was simply another day on Planet Earth.