Israel Defense Minister Promises Solutions To Terror

A day after a suicide bomber detonated a belt loaded with explosives which killed an elderly Israel woman, Defense Minister Ehud Barak promised the Israel Defense Force would uncover a solution to deal with such outbreaks. He assured the Israel population the IDF would find a way to halt terror attacks as well as end the Kassam rockets which come from Gaza. A member of the Israel parliament urged Barak to have improved security fences built around Gaza.

A security fence can contain people within a geographic area for a certain period of time, but eventually some get out and there are more suicide attacks. Israel consistently has relied on its military to handle terrorism, a policy that results in limited success. At some point, those who use terror tactics must be engaged in the halls of diplomacy which is the ultimate geographic area offering hope for a permanent end to terrorism. After a half century of one military operation after another, why does Barak believe one more shot at military action this time will succeed?