Kenya Peace Plan Proceeds-Everyone Hopes!

Weeks of violence and disorder have wracked the nation of Kenya after its president, Kibaki, manipulated election results in order to claim he was re-elected. Mediator Kofi Annan said talks have “reached far” and was optimistic there would be a resolution of the growing civil war in order to end bloodshed. William Ruto, of the Opposition Orange Democratic Movement said, “we have finally agreed there is a problem in the country, and neither side can proceed on it own. We have agreed to form a joint government.” Raila Odinga, ODM leader, made it clear his party wanted a resolution of the problem and was now agreeing o cease insisting President Kibaki step down.

The sad aspect of their entire story is the blatant power grap on th part of Pesident Kibaki even though it meant hundreds would die.