Majority Rules?

This is a sad day for the American people. Radical Islamist haters of the United States of America are working to destroy the basis of American democracy. After two years of refusing to allow the president to nominate people to serve in executive posts or to become judges, members of the United States Senate decided to alter the basis of American democracy. In violation of the Constitution, radical unAmerican Democrats forced through the end of democracy be allowing a majority of Senators to pass law. The new procedure allows majority rule when the name of a federal nominated person is submitted to the Senate. Under new rules, it requires a majority vote in order a person to be voted in as a judge or member of the US government. This definitely is the end of American democracy. The idea that a majority vote constitutes what is necessary to win goes against the entire basis of American democracy.

What next? People over the age of 18 will be allowed to vote?