Malaysia Demands Sports In Schools!

No sooner than this correspondent wrote a blog about the importance of physical activity did the government of Malaysia pick up on our comments and order all primary schools in their country beginning this September to require all students to major in a sport along with their academic major. Of course, they were going to make this change without input from this blog. As of September, the Education Ministry now requires students to run some of that fat off their bodies and spend a few hours a week not worrying about tests and grades and enjoy the beauty and health one gets from engaging in physical activities. The Ministry complains that sports has for too long been neglected and there is need to engender in students the ideals of “sportsmanship and leadership.”

Actually, sports should be for children and it should be fun. If they learn leadership, OK, but that is not the reason for moving the body.

I expect US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, to demand a test system that would require all students attain certain levels of athletic performance or be judged a failure.