Mitt Sucks On Guns To Prove Manhood

Mitt Romney told the gun loving members of the National Rifle Association that he stood with them against the evil attempts of President Obama to do something about curtailing guns, but since he never explained exactly what the president did, one is left wondering is there any politician in America who will stand up to these jokers. As Mitt put it: “we need a president who will enforce current laws, not create new ones.”Mitt is concerned   we need guns to “protect our families.”

I am glad that Mitt loves guns and wants to fight. Perhaps, he can explain when he  had the opportunity to fight in Vietnam, the brave man went on a mission for the Mormon religion and allowed others to do his fighting. This man is a coward, and has always been one. He is also a men who will suck guns, if he has to, in order to prove that he is a man.