Mubarak To Israel– It’s Your Gaza Problem!

President Mubarak of Egypt in an interview with the Italian newspaper, La Republica, made clear that Israel’s dream of “throwing the Strip” at the Egyptians was “only a dream” and would not be achieved. The Egyptian president insisted the Gaza Strip was an Israeli problem and the government of Israel had continually made mistakes in dealing with Hamas. He believes its policy of strangling the Gaza area in order to weaken Hamas has backfired resulting in the present chaotic situation. Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, was in Cairo discussing with Egyptian security officials ways in which to restore some semblance of law and order in the area. Al-Jazeera denied a Reuters report of a massive explosion in the Gaza area saying somehow a reporter transformed a policeman firing of a bullet into the air as being a major incident.

At some point, Israeli officials have to make contact with reality in its efforts to isolate and marginalize Hamas. These strategies simply have not worked. Targeting key Hamas leaders and killing them has yet to result in any significant decline in Hamas strength and it certainly has not reduced the firing of Kassam rockets. Perhap, it is time to talk with Hamas leaders regardless of whether or not they will tone down their angry rhetoric against Israel. Hopefully, talks and some form of compromise solutions may eventually result in a reduction in the level of threats. It might also even end the firing of Kassam rockets.