No Room At Inn Of Knowledge

Societies never cease amazing this author in their capacity to respond with huge financial investments in order to win wars or to combat economic problems. During the past year, the UK and the United States has poured hundreds of billions into the coffers of financial giants, but when it comes to providing money for education, the sounds of silence tell what will be the response. A “Full House” sign is now hanging from the front doors of leading British universities as the scramble to get into the “right” college in order to have the “right” resume is drawing to an end. However, the final score is 377,658 have secured a place while 140,000 are on the outside looking in.

A difficulty in universities is the reluctance of professors to explore alternative approaches to teaching and learning. Can an outstanding professor get across her ideas with 40 students in the room rather than 18? We inhabit certain beliefs about class size that have no foundation in reality, but they are believed fervently by college professors. Open the doors to learning and attempt new approaches should be the battle cry of college students.