Oh Mormons, Oh Truth

I so enjoy reading the words of this or that member of this or that religion when he speaks of a conversation with God. For years I have been dialing the number given to me by a person who spoke with God but for some reason, all I get is a busy signal. Neil Andersen of the Mormon religion told a conference of Mormons that God is very clear as to what God wants people down here on Earth to do or not do. God has a clear idea as to what marriage is all about. It is designed to go “beyond personal gratification and fulfillment of adults to the more important ideal” of raising children so they will be happy and comforted in love. Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, at least thirty percent of those under the age of thirty are not married or do not have children, and most probably spend their days and nights just fucking away for their own personal satisfaction.

The idea that only a man or a woman can possibly raise healthy children is a the center of this man’s views on gay marriage. Has he checked the world recently? Death and destruction, wars, people going without basic necessities because Republicans fear giving the poor anything to survive since God insists that only the wealthy are entitled to aid from the government. I assume Republican congressmen were raised by a mom and dad.