Optimistic About Afghanistan?

There are actually some folk in the United States military who have some doubts concerning the ability of the Afghanistan army to protect the nation and  defeat the Taliban. I have no idea where such strange ideas could creep into t he minds of American military leaders. It is reassuring that General Mark Milley, the number 2 commander of our military in that far off land is feeling a upbeat these days concerning the ability of the Afghan armed force. Of the recent 2,000 combat patrols carried out by Afghan soldiers only 20%  required the presence of    foreign troops. According to Milley, Afghan troops “recognize they are fighting an insurgency and recognize that (winning over) he population is fundamental to counterinsurgency.”

I have no idea where these Afghan troops obtained this insight in to the war in Afghanistan. They have only been fighting for over a decade and to gain such profound insights in this short period of time is definitely reassuring that victory is just around the corner. Not only are Afghan   soldiers “very tough” according to Milley they are destined to win. I can sleep peacefully tonight.