Pakistan,Who Or What Are You?

Pakistan often comes across as a thought rather than a reality. It is a nation, it has a large population, it has industry and technology and something akin to a system of education, but, in the end, one never knows if those leading this nation regard themselves as part of a society which seeks to establish the rule of law and order. Pakistan, all too often, comes across as a place where squabbling groups seek to outdo the other in order to gain some power. The problem is that once in possession of power, the group has absolutely no idea what to do with it. The Pakistan government created the Taliban twenty years ago, and now its creation seeks to destabilize the entity known as Pakistan. In other words, does the creator possess power or does its creation determine what will occur?

The Pakistan military launched air raids on Taliban sanctuaries and killed a few dozen “militants.” Of course, no one really knows if the killed were militants or people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A government spokesperson summed up the air strikes thus: “This attack doesn’t mean it is the complete end of peace talks. But, it also shows the talks aren’t going anywhere.”

These days in Pakistan,”anywhere” is better than “no where.”