Ron Paul-Have Good Time, Hurricane Irene!

One can never be surprised at the incredible ignorance of Republican leaders when it concerns issues of government. A  huge hurricane is sweeping down the eastern seaboard and the result will be devastating to millions of people, but to Representative Ron Paul there is nothing to worry about. He is opposed to any use of Federal funds to deal with the hurricane. We should be like 1900, should be like 1940, 1950, 1960 when there was no Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster efforts.

Ron Paul wants each government to handle the situation and claims the existence of FEMA is a “great contributor to deficit spending.” Ron does have a point. FEMA does NOT make money, it just SPENDS MONEY. If there was some way FEMA could charge people for its services then it mighty make a profit. I wonder:

1. Does the same theory relate to fire departments. They just spend and spend and never make any profits.

2. Of course, Ron, the same logic should apply to the armed forces, police, airport security, etc…

Ah, Ron, if we could only live as our ancestors did in 1800.

Oops, Ron, the state rights Jefferson government began building the national road!!