Sad News For Republicans

Scarcely a day goes by without a Fox News or Republican politician rant concerning President Obama as a “job destroyer.” Not a day goes by without these groups insisting the Affordable Care Act somehow, in some way, will “destroy jobs.” How EXPANDING HEALTH CARE can destroy jobs makes absolutely no sense. April witnessed creation of 288,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate drop to 6.3%. That is the lowest rate since 2008 when the economic madness began. Good news is the rise was present in professional and industrial jobs which tend to provide higher wages. The bad news is the average pay rate in those areas remains at $24.30. IN other words, wages are NOT rising at the same rate as income for the wealthy. This is THE reason for job destruction. People who work for a living simply lack the income to increase purchases which results in FEWER jobs and tends to drag down wages.

The horror for Republicans is gaining control of Congress this fall. They will attempt to pass laws lowering taxes which have nothing to do with creating jobs, there will be a stalemate and the economy will stagnate. Of course, Republicans can then gaze with pride at the decline of new jobs and blame it on the Obama man.