Syria Wants Public Talks With Israel

Future historians writing about Israel at the beginning of the 21st century will describe its inept leadership which did everything possible to move away from peace on the mistaken view only violence can end violence. Syria has conveyed a message to Israel suggesting discussons about peace but only on condition any talks will not be held under fire. By, “under fire,” they refer to the present Israel armed attacks on Palestinians. Syria insists all talks be held in public and they be preceded by an Israel statement of its willingness to withdraw from all occupied territories. Syria is also insisting Israel simultaneously hold peace discussions with Lebanon and Palestinians.

There are reports Israel has made it clear to Syria that if Hizbullah launches rocket attacks on Israel territory, the Syrians will be held responsible and must face the consequences of potential air attacks on its territory.

The Israel response to possible peace offers apparently is escalating attacks on militants. The assumption of Israel leaders is an iron fist will eventually convince Arabs they must cease creating problems. So far, there is absolutely not evidence this approach has been successful anywhere in the Middle East but Israel insists it will work. An eye for an eye eventually leaves all parties blind.

Why not ask Nelson Mandela or Kofi Annan to serve as mediators in organzing peace talks?

  • walter77777

    Oy vay iz mir!

    Israelis are still subject to suicide bombings, rocket bombardments, and other attacks from the Arab mamzerim (bastards), and you want Israel to make nice.

    Israel tried to make nice, and the result was the third intifada. Asking Israel to make nice is like asking USA to make nice to Osama bin Ladin (Y’makh sh’mo v’zikroh!)*


    *Blot out his name and memory! — Hebrew curse.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Talking with someone is not “making nice.” Ignoring reality is a short sighted policy of maintaining the status quo. Negotiations means a nation hopes to accomplish its goals via discussion. The present policy of Israel which entails killing miltant leaders has been a disaster. For every one killed, two take his place. So, please tell me, has the situation become better as a result of killing militants?