Thai Military Rejected In Voting

Two years ago, the military of Thailand overthrew the government of Prime Minister Thaskin Shinawatra on charges his rule threatened the success of democracy in their land. This weekend, voters made Thaskin’s People Power Party the most dominant in the incoming Thai legislature. Thaskin did extremely well in southern regions of the nation which contain a large Muslim population. It appears the minority Muslims reject military actions in the south and expect that Thaskin would address their needs. However, it is doubtful if military leaders will allow Thaskin to return to the nation. Thaskin was a prominent businessman who promised to use his expertise in order to revitalize the Thai economy.

There is little hope, at this point, of allowing Thaskin to return to power. Military leaders doubt his democratic beliefs and fear he would draw upon his fortune in order to establish himself as a power within the country. Perhaps, the only hope is for some other leaders in the PPP to assume power and work with the military in order to establish democracy in the nation. Thaskin will have to watch from the sidelines.