The Nation That Once Was

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nation known as Pakistan. It was formed in the aftermath of England giving up control over its domain of India. A Muslim nation was created to go align with a Hindu country. Years have passed which witnessed the emergence in India of a modern dynamic economy that could lift untold millions from poverty. In Pakistan, time has resulted in a virtual non-existent education system that only serves the top elite while most people resort to out-of-date madrases that teach anything other than modern science or math, let alone history. Pakistan has witnessed one after another military rulers who form alliances with religious zealots in order to maintain power. Pervez Musharraf formed such an alliance and ruled with military support. After all,he was a general and what better person to run the country, but another general.

Musharraf was finally forced to leave after his government simply lacked any ability to conduct an intelligent program for the economy. He also angered judges by locking them up. For some strange reason, Musharraf returned last year, assuming the Army wanted him to return to power. There is no indication anyone wants him back in power. He is now indicted by the government on the charge of treason. His only response is to argue, “is this the way to reward someone for his loyalty to his country?” He does want one and all to know that he loves his country.

The only question is whether the generals will allow one of their group to go on trial.